About Giza Power Industry (GPI)

about GPI
about GPI

Giza Power industry (GPI)

We Own The Power.

Giza Power industry factory was established in 1984 to produce different varieties of power cables under name of (Giza Cables), over total landscape of 81,745 m2 at industrial sector of Abo Rawash Giza, Egypt.
Plant kick off was on May 1985. By March 1988 factory was legally commissioned for commercial production under license number 986. In Feb 2015 factory name was changed after it was sold to a new owner to (Giza power industry). GPI is one of the best modern equipped factories in Egypt for cable production.
Since 1988 plant succeeded to open different markets in Qatar, Ethiopia, Yemen, Algeria, Tanzania, Libya, Spain, France, Italy, Romania …etc. covering Egypt, MENA, Africa and Europe regions.
GPI success story is based on our employees whom we call family working on team work base. Safety and employee satisfaction is one of main key points that we make sure we fulfil during our manufacturing process.
We are able to fulfll customer needs, by working hard on customer development satisfaction points and requirements achieving client’s specifcations and quality.
Client’s perception is one of most important role we make sure to achieve. Different governmental, international and private authorities audits are done on continues time frame.

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